Today we had a guest - our puppy Tangomanija Ambassador! He is almost one year old and he looks more and more like his Father Tango. Thank you for such nice care of my Ambassador. He is well groomed and perfectly trained. I wish such owners for all my puppies!
I welcome all my puppies owners to my home. I am happy to see how my puppies are doing.

Daphne Jemale won LT CAC,N,BOB in all breeds dog show in Silute (LT) !!!!!
Judge Elzbieta Chwalibog.
Moreover, Daphne Jemalle was handled by handler Raminta Leonaite at junior handler competition. Together they won 4th place out of 12 handlers.


There are photos of Amberton in his new home in the UK. He looks fantastic! Thank you for a such nice care, Tiffany!


Today Beauty is Truth went to her new home in the UK. There are the last photos I made of her before departing from Lithuania:

Besta has arrived to her new home in Italy. Here is a photo from her new family. Best wishes to her owner Valeria!