Short movie of Bosanova and Balade. They just started clicker training for show.

Various photos collected the last month:

Our boy Tangomanija Amberton. He is 8 month old in this picture.
He has excellent hair, very nice temperament. Very beautifull,
an eye catching boy. He is 5 kg and 33cm at 8 month age.
Here are a sister and a brother from different litters.
My beautifull stud boy L'Tango Golden Diamond.
I am very proud of him and his kids.
He gives only the best part of himself. 
Bravo very active and outgoing boy. He is available.
I strongly recomend him for the show home.

My puppies Besta and Bravo were showed on 19th of May. The judge Galina Zuk was very impressed with them. Both got very perspective babies and Besta got best baby title. Here are a short movie from repetition for the show with Besta.


B litter puppies are 3 months old today! We made a small photo session on their playtime and updated B litter profile. The weather was warm for the first time! The hairless girls were extremely happy and they even got a little bit tan. A week of such nice sun and they all will be dark in body!

Tangomanija Advantus found his family! This is the last photo made by us. He is a lovely boy!